Nichiha Color Xpressions System

When architects are looking for a very specific color of cladding they often turn towards Nichiha and the Color Xpressions system. Color Xpressions is a system that brings virtually any color to life on a high-performance fiber cement Architectural Wall Panel. Architects are easily able to get the exact color they are looking for. Find out how Color Xpressions works with our infographic. It is a simple process that allows your vision to become reality.


Color Choices

Browse the color wheel to determine the possibilities for your project.


Inspiration Strikes

You know the exact color you want for the exterior of the building.


Work with Your Rep

Contact your Nichiha sales rep to relay the paint manufacturer’s name and your color  choice.


Custom Sample

Nichiha will then craft a 4”x4” sample with your color. This is a 3-week process. Be on the lookout for the sample in the  mail!


Adjustments & Approval

After receiving the sample, work with your rep on any adjustments until you give your final approval.



Don’t forget to include Nichiha accessories in detail drawings with your custom color selection.




Order the amount of panels you need with a 10 week lead time on the product.


Painting Process

Nichiha Illumination Architectural Wall Panels are painted in your custom color.


Shipped to Job Site

Paint is complete and panels are carefully packaged and shipped to the job site.



Arrival at Job Site

Products are shipped directly to job site and recipient is present to inspect material.


Follow Instructions

Carefully follow instructions found on product packaging for material storage and handling.


Installation Resources

Read installation guides or watch Nichiha step-by-step installation videos on our website.


Installation & Completion

Illumination panels are easily installed with Ultimate Clip system and design intent becomes reality.





Take a deeper dive into the Color Xpressions system and Illumination Architectural Wall Panels
by checking out Nichiha’s resources…



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