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Nichiha is a manufacturer of fiber cement Architectural Wall
Panels that provide performance with an integrated rainscreen
system. Our panels offer the look of metal, wood, stone, block,
concrete and much more.

The Nichiha rainscreen is an integrated drained and back-ventilated
system. Our hidden clip installation system creates the appropriate air
channel for the rainscreen and it is easily installed saving time and
money. Our Architectural Wall Panel system has been successfully
tested under the AAMA 509-9 standard.

The applications where it is appropriate to use our rainscreen
include both residential and commercial buildings that incorporate
our Architectural Wall Panels. Our system is made for all climate
types and can be installed year round across the country.

Nichiha’s rainscreen can be used when projects call for aesthetics to
meet performance. When you are looking for beautifully designed
cladding that is also highly-engineered, Nichiha offers the widest
selection of commercial rainscreen styles.

It is important to have a rainscreen on your building because it offers excellent protection against water intrusion and related damage to
moisture sensitive wall components. Our rainscreen increases the
drainage and drying potential to remove water from the wall
assembly. Nichiha’s rainscreen system can help avoid the headaches
of wall assembly failures due to water damage.

Nichiha’s drained and back-ventilated rainscreen is comprised of
exterior cladding, with a vented and drained space behind the cladding,
and an air/water barrier. The exterior cladding deflects water, and the
vented drainage space allows incidental moisture to drain or dry from
the wall system.

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